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sara amber
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sara amber [userpic]

hey all. i just did a big friends cut. i haven't been able to check my friends page for the past two or three days now and the amount of entries sitting there was ridiculous. so, i went to each person's page and basically, used two rules:

1. if i couldn't even remember the person's real name, they were gone
2. if i read an entry and didn't know who a single mentioned person was, they were gone.

and as for those i kept, i basically went back to the core group of friends i've had since my first days online, along with some i've made along the way...and a few for other fun reasons.

so yeah, if you want to delete me right back, it's cool. whatever, man. i just can't keep up with so many people's lives.

and there you have it.


Add me, please!

Kristi :)
(formerly, amarvelousmess

consider it done, girl!


tell me what i'm seeing there, please. can't tell :) but i am sure it's all yummy schtuff. :)

hello, you! i renamed my lj and purged my friend-of list, re-add me please?

♥ your favorite redheaded music teacher

aw, dude, i'm gonna miss you. i LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your stuff. i'm sorry you felt the need to delete me.


hey...i changed my username. add me back?

add me back? I think I made a mistake. It's okay if you don't want to though. I'd understand. I was just trying to stick up for a friend who I thought had been harmed intentionally but if I was wrong, I'm sorry.

yeah, you were wrong. next time you should talk to the person (in this case, me) first.

no lingering hard feelings, but i'm not making any more additions to my friends list.