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sara amber
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sara amber [userpic]

ok, i think the posts here are going to be "friends only" from now on. that shouldn't really hurt anyone that ever reads this (and i added a few more people to my list to make sure), but if you're not on my list and wanting to read what's going on with me, drop me a comment and let me know.



hi, sara. my name's katie. would you mind adding me?

note from Kristine

Hello Miss Sara - I've been reading your site fairly often lately, and sure would like to be able to keep reading, if you don't mind... is there a way that I can get on your friends list w/o being a Live Journal friend? If not, no biggie, I just think you are so neato-awesome and like to see what's going on in your life :)
with love -

me too :)

Hi Sara, I too read your journal. Can I be on your list, pretty please? ~ jaya

Re: me too :)

hey girl - so sorry i haven't added you! don't know where my head's been. adding you now...


i enjoy it here. can i be added too? :)

Me three and one eighth?

I'm not awake enough to come up with anything witty, and if I try, I'm gonna sound stupid. So I'm going to quote Katie...

"hi, sara. my name's [Brian]. would you mind adding me?"

I'll add you back this afternoon when I'm done working on the website and all of those ravenous hockey players are off my back about how behind I am on their precious stats.


- B. d8^D

Re: Me three and one eighth?

sure thing brian. going to add you now...

Re: Me three and one eighth?

*nods* just added you back. :-)

"i hope youre not waiting....waiting around for me...cause im not going anywhere. obviously."

hey there im brett. i was just checking out people with similar interests with me on here and you came up. just wanted to say hi and if you wanna check out my livejournal any time go for it. its midnight_drives. i had a bit too much coffee tonight and im kind of hyper so yeah. "...jesus....YOU SAID IT MAN...NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE JESUS!.....8 year olds dude." good old big lebowski quotes..they rock. email me if you want at TheAmericanEast@aol.com or IM me at the same....


hey i added you... read through your interests you seem cool...
What do you play? I noticed you mentioned liking to play in concerts

hey, i just added you. and to answer your question - i play violin and viola.


cool im a pianist and a guitarist... and my band director is making me play vibraphone in jazz

hi. just wanted to know if i could be added.

check out the new community for flip flop lovers flip__floped

*asks permission to be added*

you seem cool and i dont want to be rude and just add you...

done. hello.

thanks! i added you back :)

hullo there :] im leesa's friend, yael. i'd love to be on your list. could you possibly add me? im harmless :p yael.

yes, of course i'll add you!

miss melanie, i was just peering through my friends page, wondering why i couldn't see your new entries and then i realized that i hadn't added this name yet. so i just wanted to let you know that i added you before you even left the comment.

don't you ever worry about being forgotten.

i find you very interesting. it seems we have mutual lj-friends and similar interests. i would love to be added if you though it to be a good idea.

Hi, I came across your journal, and thought that we had a lot in common. Would you mind if I added you to my friend's list?

Nice to meet you,

dorky, but to the point:
we have lots in common. i'd love to be able to read your entries+comment. may i add you/be added?

sure, going to add you right now.

May I read?

hi, im melissa. we have a lot of mutual friends in common and i am always seeing your name mentioned! so yeah, i thought id add you and if you want, you can do the same. if not, thats cool too.

Hello there. :)
I've been lj browsing, and I noticed that you were on many of my friends' lists. I also noticed that I share a lot of "interests" with you, though I don't have many of them listed (150 just isn't enough!!). So, I've added you to my list. ;)

i was wondering if i might read you?
i noticed we have a few interests and friends in common.

Hey... you have no reason to let me in here, but i'd love it if you would. (I don't think we have any mutual friends in this journal but in my other we have some - but I'm shy and using this one because I'm more anonymous this way.)

If you want to know more about me before adding, ask away. If you just don't want to add me, don't worry, that's fine too.

*crosses fingers and hopes really hard*

hey, I'm Jen & I found your journal somehow & added you. Add me back? :)

hi there. we used to talk a lot, way back in the days of your tripod page and the oubliette.nu domain.. my name is jade. but i'm guessing you don't really remember me since it's been a while. anyway, i'm just commenting to see if you'd add me (i'll add you back). i really enjoyed talking to you and getting to know you in the past, and maybe we could catch up? and if not, that's cool, too. :) hope to hear from you.

i'm a big dork and i get lost sometimes, so you can disregard my comment.

I added you :)

Add me love.


hi, we share mutual friends and i am hoping to add your journal, if you don't mind.


i don't mind at all - i just added you back.

would you mind adding me? i found you through terrible. i don't write in my journal, though. i just enjoy reading. i hope that's ok with you.


done. and hello there.

Please add me!! I use to read your journal like a super long time ago. I'm harmless

hey, did you have a different livejournal name or something? i'm not remembering you...

I did, it was a couple of years ago. My old name was "Stillinlove21". Can you please add me? :)

You changed your layout! It's really nice...have you added me yet?

hi, my name is leah. illumined recommended you to me & i have also seen you on kissingwhiskey's journal. i was wondering if i might add you! if not, no hard feelings, here! :)

you've been added, girl. a friend of steffy and leesa's must be one cool girl indeed.

hey, it's me.