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scorpio sphinx in a calico dress

so easy to look at, so hard to define

sara amber
7 October 1981
so i play music, that's what i do.
when i sing, i lose myself.
there's nothing more i'd rather do.
lord know i've tried everything else.

-rosie thomas

i'm sara. i'm here because i like to write and share my life with really great people. i am not here because i feel the need to fill some void in my life. my life is full and makes me insanely happy most of the time. recent events have led me to be very picky about who i let in here. it's sad, but that's the way it's got to be sometimes.

i'm the music teacher you wish you had in elementary school. i love going on adventures and i'll drive anywhere you want to go. i'm just learning how to plant things and often daydream about years ahead when i'll have my own garden, compost heap and CLOTHES LINE. i try to live as green a life as i can. i was raised by an amazing single mother who taught me to respect people, animals and the earth. i've been recycling all my life and have serious issues with people who don't do it.

currently, i'm working on eating better, exercising more and smoking less. it's more about FEELING good than LOOKING good.

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24-hour diners in jersey, adam duritz's singing voice, adrien brody's perfect nose, always singing harmony, being a music teacher, big loud italian families, cooking in my barefeet, cooking more & more, counting crows autumnal lyrics, cranberryjuice in wine glasses, dinner with my mom, driving around in spring, dusk on my balcony, flashing answering machines, grande caramel apple ciders, grey hoodies with thumbholes, helping kids be good/kindpeople, high fives for everyone, hiking with my sister, kinky sex like whoa, looking forward to thanksgiving&christmas, love drives with rosalita, loving october the most, making full house references, orange creamsicles in summer, phillies baseball forever &ever, photos on the fridge, really thick french toast, recyclyng&reusing everything i can, roadtrips with my sister, saying goodnight whisper soft, sitting in darkened theaters, skipping through the sprinkler, sleeping ten more minutes, smoking cloves with friends, springsteen lyrics telling stories, summer stone fruits, unwrapping brand new cds, vegan dim-sum, wild west virginia's mountains